The Healing

Here is a new movie offering from Star Cinema titled "The Healing". It is a horror suspense film under the tutelage of Chito S. Roño. The movie is top billed by Vilma Santos and young actress Kim Chiu. Other members of the cast includes Martin Del Rosario, Mark Gil, Pokwang, Janice de Belen, Carmi Martin, Joel Torre, Ynez Veneracion and others.

It is scheduled to hit the big screens nationwide on July 25, 2012.

Derek Ramsay Regrets Breaking Up with Angelica Panganiban

It is a common knowledge to the Filipino fans that after those long years of being with each other, Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban called it quits. There are so many rumors that sprouted about the reason why they broke up but the two are mum on these.

But what is worth noting is that Derek admitted he regretted for the breakup. He stated in his Twitter account that

"I'm not proud of the breakup! How I wish things were different. I can't be selfish and consider only my feelings"

He also clarified in his same Twitter account that there is no third party involved in the breakup. He said it is not true that he is involved with ex PBB housemate Sam Pinto.

There's also some rumors that points to John Lloyd Cruz as the third party but Derek also clarified it is just a rumor and it is not true. The actress also denied this.

Marian Rivera vs Katrina Halili in the Making, Again?

Another hot issue in the showbiz world that's cooking now is the Katrina Halili vs Marian Rivera. Just recently, Katrina tweeted that "somebody is still insecure" to her that is why she decided to kill her character Emmy in the soap opera series "My Beloved".

Katrina further tweeted that "5 years ago, nangyari na ito at hanggan ngayon ay hate pa rin nya ako".

She however did not name names but it is very clear that it was Marian Rivera she was referring to. There has been some 'not so nice moements' between the two stars of 'My Beloved' recently. During the birthday party of their co-star in her residence where Katrina and Marian both attended, when Marian was about to leave, she bade goodbye to all excep Katrina.

In another scenario, during the taping of 'My Beloved', Katrina intentionally slapped Marian even the director instructed her to fake the slap. It's a good thing that Marian did not retaliate and just proceeded to the dressing room after the incident.

Anne Curtis Says Vice Ganda and Direk Bobet Vidanes Are Okay

There has been rumors going around the compound of ABS-CBN that "It's Showtime" director Bobet Vidanes resigned from the show due to the antics of the host Vice Ganda. There has been no confirmation to it but it is the talk of the town these days.

Some press members cornered Anne Curtis, co-host for the show, and asked her on her side about the issue. Anne categorically denied however that Vidanes has resigned from the program. She said Vidanes has taken only a 'vacation' from the show and he already returned to the show last Friday, April 13.

“He was there Friday. Pumasok na siya. I think he just took a breaker. That’s just it,” Anne said.

“Well, as I always say, you can never stop people wanting to create rumors. It’s just part of show business. Wala, you just have to make it dedma. I think Vice already clarified that na," ended Anne Curtis.

'Every Breath U Take' Trailer and Posters

Star Cinema has released the official trailer of their latest offering titled "Every Breath U Take" featuring hunk actor Piolo Pascual and sexy actress Angelica Panganiban. The movie is directed by Mae Czarina Cruz and is going to open in nationwide cinemas on May 16, 2012.

Below is the official trailer of the movie from YouTube:

Here are also the posters for the movie:

Cristine Reyes Got A Crush on Piolo Pascual

Cristine Reyes and Piolo Pascual are going to star in a prime time series in ABS-CBN titled "Nang Dahil sa Pag-ibig". They have been shooting some of the scenes of the series and everything is going fine. With their time together spent on the set, there are some observers who are saying that Cristine Reyes and Piolo Pascual are getting closer to each other.

But of course, Cristine and Piolo are not putting any color into it. It can be noted that Cristine is currently in romantic relationship with another actor while Piolo just have his relationship with KC Concepcion broken up.

But in another interview, Cristine Reyes admitted she is beginning to have a crush on Piolo. She said she cannot understand her feelings everytime she is doing a scene with the actor. People in the shooting also observes that Cristine is all around Piolo that even she have no scenes to be taken as long as Piolo is there. Another love controversy in the making?

Derek Ramsay Meets Money Mayweather

Philippine actor Derek Ramsay accidentally met Pacquiao's nemesis Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles. Derek is in Los Angeles to be one of the judges of the Miss Galaxy 2012 Pageant.

The actor said at first, he was hesitant to approach Money's camp because they seem to be not so accommodating. But when Floyd learned that they (Ramsay's group) were Filipinos, he became so approachable.

"At first he wasn't accommodating, but when he found out we were Filipino and that I knew Manny Pacquiao, then suddenly he was very accommodating," Ramsay said of his meeting with the undefeated boxer.

They even took pictures with the boxer and Floyd was very game posing for the cameras. Derek says he will be cutting his US visit short because his movie with Erich Gonzales titled "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" is going to have it's premiere night Sunday. The movie is going to be open in all Philippines theaters on March 14, 2012.

Grace Lee Resigns From Her Radio Program

Grace Lee has finally resigned from her morning show on Magic 89.9. There has been some rumors of her resignation some days ago but this time, it is already confirmed by no other than the radio station's manager himself, Mr. Andrew Santiago.

Grace Lee's resignation came after the rumored rift between her and her co-host Angelicopter of the same radio station. There were some exchange of words between the two camps and more controversies came out.

In her official Twitter account, Grace says she is going to officially say goodbye to her listeners in the radio show "Good Times". Grace admitted she has been emotionally struggline in the past months. She said she was having a hard time because everything that she would say were then twisted.

This might have been connected to her relationship with the president of the republic, Noynoy Aquino. They have been dating and there are already some detractors to their relationship. There are even rumors that sprouted that say the reason of her resignation is that she will be given a position in the palace but there are no comfirmation yet on this issue.

It is not also clear if she is going to leave the station permanently or just be transferred to other program.

Below is the email of Grace Lee to Mo Twister regarding her resignation.

Hi Mo,

Composed a long email and found out my dog chewed on our internet cable. Hay. Well, I have been contemplating this for quite some time and with the recent happenings in my life I guess it just fast-tracked my decision-making. As you already know the past month has been really stressful and emotionally I have been struggling. I realized the our show requires me to be who I am; but lately it's been difficult when everyone wants to twist or put malice into things that I would normally say. I admit I have been extra sensitive to things and I know you can sense it and so can the listeners. I have realized that at this point in time I'm not capable of handling the format of our morning show. The show has given me a wonderful, fun four years; but I believe the time has come for me to exit. I hope you understand and rest-assured I will always be indebted to this show you pioneered. I will talk to the management regarding my decision and on Thursday drop by the show to properly say goodbye to our listeners. Thank you again Mo for making everything possible this show has changed my life.

- Grace Lee
March 6, 2012
12:17 a.m.

Jose Manalo Leaves Family for His Other Woman

Two days after the successful concert of Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, Jose's wife Annalyn Manalo came out and claimed Jose left them for another woman. This was the claim of the wife when interviewed by Boy Abunda in ABS-CBN's showbiz talk show The Buzz.

According to Annalyn, Jose left them last January and live with his other woman. She claims she is already aware of Jose's affair last year but shw kept her silence to keep her family intact. She said their children do not know the real score of their relationship until the actor finally left them for good.

Annalyn Added that they could not contact the actor since he changed his phone number and they are banned to enter the Broadway where Eat Bulaga is held. Jose Manalo is one of the mainstays of the said noontime show.

Annalyn also admitted that she met with Jose's other woman. She asked the woman to leave Jose to save their family but the woman continued her affair with the actor.

As of this writing, Jose has yet to issue his official statement regarding this matter. He nevertheless take a vacation from Eat Bulaga to avoid the show to get involved with his problem.

2 Azkals Face Sexual Harassment Complaint From Cristy Ramos

No other than former presidential daughter Cristy Ramos has filed a sexual harassment complaint against two members of the Azkals, the football team of the Philippines. Cristy Ramos is the daughter of former president Fidel Ramos. She is also the former president of Philippine Olympic Committee and currently the match commissioner of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA.

It is reported that Ms. Ramos wrote to Lim Kia Tong, the chairman of Asian Football Confederation Deisciplinary Committee, informing him of the supposed sexual harassment made by two Azkals members to her. The two Azkals are said to be Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado.

"... Philippine player Lexton Moy (No. 25) stood by my right side and said in a loud voice 'must be a B cup,' to which the players laughed loudly," said Ms. Ramos in the letter.

"... when I checked Philippine player Angel Guirado [No. 12] he stood in front of me purposely just wearing his briefs and made no attempts to wear shorts or cover his underwear." Ms. Ramos added.

The incident happened when Ms. Ramos performed a madatory team check to Azkals in Discovery Suites in Pasig, one day before the friendly match against team Malaysia (which ended in a draw).

Ms. Ramos also said she is saddened by the incident for the fact that Azkals is her country's team.

 "It's really painful for me because it had to happen with my team, you know, the team of my country. It did not happen to me anywhere else.

"And of course I expect some disciplinary actions and some sanctions whatever they may be."

"This is unacceptable behavior as far as I'm concerned and again as one of the duties of a Match Commissioner, I have to report this incident because this is sexual harassment."

Enchong Dee and Jessy Mendiola Reunited in 'The Reunion'

After the breakup of the Enchong Dee - Erich Gonzales love team, Enchong is now groomed to be paired with beautiful actress Jessy Mendiola. Enchong and Jessy are going to be portray opposite with each other in the forthcoming movie "The Reunion".

This is not actually the first time where Enchong and Jessy are going to work together in a project. They have alredy worked as a love team in the series "Boystown", so the title of the movie seems to coincide with the reunion of the two celebrities.

“I'm happy na nagkasama ulit kami kasi nga it’s been a while since 'Boystown.' Naka-partner niya si Coco Martin, tapos naka-partner niya si Gerald (Anderson) and now we’re going back,” Enchong said.

Enchong also noticed that Jessy has improved a lot since their last project. This is due to the fact that Jessy has been working with various leading men and she has learned a lot from those projects.

Jessy Mendiola in the other hand, expressed her excitement for the project specially that she is again working with Enchong Dee.

"One of the boys ako doon, so dream come true na naman ang boyish role. Parang magkakabarkada kami at ako lang ang nag-iisang babae sa barkada namin, tapos may love angle," Mendiola said of her role.

Enchong and Jessy are going to work for the movie with actors Kean Cipriano, Enrique Gil and Xian Lim.

FHM Philippines Racist Cover with Bela Padilla

Here is the controversial cover of the FHM Magazine which features actress Bela Padilla. The cover draw much negative criticisms depicting the cover as racist. In the cover, Bela is shown clad in a hot sexy fuschia bikini and being surrounded by black female models.

There was nothing wrong with the picture but the accompanying caption creates reactions from readers. The caption below the picture says "Steping Out of the Shadows".

FHM has however issued their apologies to the public saying they don't have racism in mind when they created the cover. And since it is only a teaser, they are going to change the layout of the cover without those supposed racist caption but still have Pinay actress Bela Padilla on the cover of the final version.

The Bela Padilla cover of the FHM Philippines is going to be released this coming March, 2012.

'Unofficially Yours' is Hot in the US

With it's nationwide opening slated on March 2, the movie "Unofficially Yours" starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is getting a very warm welcome among the Filipinos in the US. This was reported by ABS-CBN in their blog recently.

Fans express their excitement during the interviews made by the Kapamilya showbiz reporters in America during the premiere showing of the said movie.

"Very, very romantic! I love it!" said a fan there.

"Walang dull moments yung movie, sobrang kinilig ako." said another one.

Even Angel Locsin expressed her excitement, "S'yempre, every time naman pag first time papakita 'yong pinaghirapan mo may kaba, may excitement, ganon,” she said.

The movie is about two casual sex partners. John Lloyd Cruz plays the role of a man who believes that relationship must start with love and not sex alone. The girl, played by Angel, believes otherwise.

But Angel Locsin made it clear that in real life, she does not believe in casual sex and stressed that love must be the basis in a relationship and not sex.

Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales Closeness: Just For the Show?

There are rumors circulating in the four corners of showbizlandia that the closeness of actor Enchong Dee and actress Erich Gonzales are just in front of the camera and once off-camera, they're actually strangers to each other. That closeness in front of the camera is intended only to win fans and for the benefit of their show and there's nothing personal going on with them.

The sweetness is just for show and some fans get irritated with the news. But Enchong Dee said otherwise.

"Siguro people were expecting na 'pag cut na yung eksena, ganun pa rin kami kadikit sa isa't isa.

"Siyempre, kailangan din naming aralin kung anuman yung ibinigay sa amin na trabaho.

"And yun naman talaga ang pinunta namin dun.

"Hindi naman porke't sinabi naming, 'Yeah, we're close,' pero baka akala nila palaging magkatabi, palaging nag-uusap.

"Siguro yun yung old meaning nun, pero kami we understand each other.

Those were the words coming from Enchong Dee and even stressed that their love team won't last this long if everything were just for the record to please the fans.

KC Concepcion Daring Pictures in Rogue Magazine

KC Concepcion's daring pictures in Rogue Magazine has been the talk of the blogosphere for the past few days. It has been in all types of media and also became a trending topic in Twitter. But what makes this different from the previous pictures of KC Concepcion?

Here are the pictures and decide for yourself why.

There are a lot of people who praised KC for this pictorials. Even her mother gave a thumbs up for it. What do you think?