Residual Income Business Opportunity

I am going to post another residual income business opportunity that you can take advantage of. This is about sharing your files in the internet. Yes, you can share your files in the internet to everybody and at the same time, earn money and this is a good residual income business opportunity especially those who have a large amount of big files that many might have an interest of.

First is to check your inventory of files that you have. Does everybody might take an interest in downloading these files? If you think there are a lot of files in your hard drive that many might have a look at it, then give it a go.

First, look for servers that will let you store files in their drives. There are a lot of websites that offer this service and you can register a free account there. Then upload your files in their servers. Next is to promote your files through forums, blogs, emails and other kinds of promotions online.

When somebody take notice of your files and downloads any of them, then you are going to earn a specific amount for it. If you have large volume of files uploaded and promoted to various locations in the internet, then this will be a good residual income business opportunity for you.