2 Azkals Face Sexual Harassment Complaint From Cristy Ramos

No other than former presidential daughter Cristy Ramos has filed a sexual harassment complaint against two members of the Azkals, the football team of the Philippines. Cristy Ramos is the daughter of former president Fidel Ramos. She is also the former president of Philippine Olympic Committee and currently the match commissioner of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA.

It is reported that Ms. Ramos wrote to Lim Kia Tong, the chairman of Asian Football Confederation Deisciplinary Committee, informing him of the supposed sexual harassment made by two Azkals members to her. The two Azkals are said to be Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado.

"... Philippine player Lexton Moy (No. 25) stood by my right side and said in a loud voice 'must be a B cup,' to which the players laughed loudly," said Ms. Ramos in the letter.

"... when I checked Philippine player Angel Guirado [No. 12] he stood in front of me purposely just wearing his briefs and made no attempts to wear shorts or cover his underwear." Ms. Ramos added.

The incident happened when Ms. Ramos performed a madatory team check to Azkals in Discovery Suites in Pasig, one day before the friendly match against team Malaysia (which ended in a draw).

Ms. Ramos also said she is saddened by the incident for the fact that Azkals is her country's team.

 "It's really painful for me because it had to happen with my team, you know, the team of my country. It did not happen to me anywhere else.

"And of course I expect some disciplinary actions and some sanctions whatever they may be."

"This is unacceptable behavior as far as I'm concerned and again as one of the duties of a Match Commissioner, I have to report this incident because this is sexual harassment."

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