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Before, when I think of Taiwan, what will come to my mind first are the electonics and gadgets that come from that country. They are famous in gadgets such as cellphones, battery operated toys and others gadgets that's why the "Made in Taiwan" emblem has been registered in my mind.

But would you believe that I found my special friend in Taiwan? And because of this, when I hear of Taiwan, it's not the electronics anymore but the sweet smile of my friend that will register in my mind.

Thanks to the website Taiwan Personals where I met my special friend. "Taiwan Personals" is being flocked by many beautiful Taiwan women who are friendly and accommodating for everyone who come to that online dating site.

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The Radiology Technician

A new course in college has been offered by a university in our place. The course's title is "Radiology Technician". At first, I was reluctant in enrolling my son in the said course as I have no prior knowledge as what that course is. I tried to inquire in the school but I was having second thoughts since I was thinking the information they gave me was biased just to entice my in enrolling my son in their school.

I then searched the internet for more and unbiased information about Radiology technician. Then I reached the site "The Radiology technician". The site features all the information I need about the course. It clearly defines it, the accredited schools, requirements, employment and all other information you need about the course.

What I like most is the feature on the employment and expected salary of the successful candidates after their graduation. Although we are in the Philippines, there are a lot of oppurtunities for this course in the United States. So thanks to the Radiology technician website, I already enrolled my son in college.

The Djembe Drum

If you hear the music of Paul Simon, Ben Harper or Peter Gabriel, there will be a common sound you'll hear in the background - the sound of the Djembe Drum. This is one of the many popular African instruments that are used by many artists around the globe.

The Djembe's sound is so unique as it is skin-covered and played with bare hands. These instruments set footed to America by the African-Americans who are trying to preserve their musical traditions. Many American musicians then integrated Djembe drums into their music that even later branded by some as "Afro Noise".

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Kris Aquino Denies Cursing at Mayen Austria's House

Kris Aquino has finally issued an official statement regarding the rumors that she cursed and created commotion outside the house of Mayen Austria, her husband's "fan" who has been romantically linked to him.

"In my 25 years of being in the public eye, nobody can ever say that it is in my nature na magmura or gumawa ng skandalo. I didn't shout or create a commotion," Kris said in her text message to different media outfits.

"The mother of the woman cited in the Inquirer article graciously came to their gate and we had a peaceful conversation. I simply made my discomfort known about her daughter's actuations towards my husband," Kris added.

Here is the alleged text message of Mayen:

"To everyone. Kris Aquino passed by house to make me sugod. She spoke to my mom. Very mad, berating us saying I always text and call James. That my mom didn't bring me up right. That we shouldn't be talking to married men. She said she's leaving James and to know that I am the last straw and the reason for their break-up.

"My family has great respect for Teopacos who are our family friend. Mrs. Teopaco is Cory's youngest sister. My mom raised us right. My mom didn't deserve all that.

"James missed called and texted na he warned me papunta siya sa house. He called to tell me to apologize and say sorry. Kris said we had something going on.

"I don't deserve this most especially my mom. I have chemical depression and could have easily taken an overdose pills because of the incident. With the hugs and love of my mom and sisters, and tranquilizers, I'm okay. Do you want Kris to be in MalacaƱang?."

Kris has already closed the issue. This is her last statement in the issue:

"My family received the text that Ms. Mayen Austria sent around. In it, she admitted to having 'chemical depression and could easily take an overdose of pills.' My brother and sisters advised me not to speak further about the issue,".

The controversy also reached the Liberal Party's camp as reporters were getting the reaction of LP's standard presidential bet Noynoy Aquino but Noynoy did not comment on the matter saying it is a personal issue for Kris and not political.

Here is a video for the full report from ABS-CBN: