Sandara Park And Le Min-Ho (Goo Jun Pyo) Love Affair Starts Brewing

Sandara Park of famous Korean girl group sensation 2NE1 and Lee Minho of "Boys Over Flowers" are going to team-up in a commercial film for OB Beer's Cass 2x alcoholic beverage.

The company selected the two young stars for their product due to their huge following in Korea and in Asia. OB Beer's marketing managers said in an official statement:

"We chose top stars Lee Minho and Sandara Park as their trendy image matches perfectly with the image of our Cass beer. We're staying in touch with the younger generation and this CF will start a new trend."

This proves the influence of Sandara Park and Lee Minho is really huge in Korea. Sandara (Dara) started her showbiz career in the Philippines and when she came back to Korea, she became even more popular when she joined the Korean girl group 2NE1.

Lee Min-ho is the hottest hearthrob of Korean showbiz. He became so popular in the Philippines when his soap opera "Boys Over Flowers" hit the Philippine TV and topped the ratings during its airtime.

In pairing Koreas most popular young stars in Sandara Park and Lee Minho, many are wondering, will there be real-life love affair that is going to start to be brewed?

KC Concepcion in Chalk Magazine Cover

KC Concepcion is the cover girl of Chalk Magazine in its August 2009 issue. It is the magazine's 9th anniversary issue and they selected KC for the cover as they features young achievers like KC.

KC has been active not only in showbiz but also in social works that she even visited children in Mindanao that were affected by the ongoing war in their place. She is also an Ambassador against hunger in United Nations' World Food Program.

Marian Rivera in "Tarot" Full Movie Trailer

Marian Rivera stars in another horror flick after her superb performance in Shake, Rattle & Roll X episode "Nieves".

"Tarot" is going to open in Philippine cinemas on August 26, 2009. Marian is joined by a powerhouse cast of Roxanne Guinoo, Dennis Trillo, Gloria Romero, Liza Lorena and Dante Rivero.

"Tarot" is produced by Regal Entertainment under the direction of premiere director Jun Lana.

Below is the movie's full movie trailer from YouTube:

Angelica Panganiban and Christine Reyes Are 'Friends Again'

Angelica Panganiban and Christine Reyes have finally ironed out their differences. This was revealed by the two sexy young stars in an interview.

It can be recalled that Christine left ABS-CBN's "Banana Split" due to differences to some mainstays in the show particularly Angelica Panganiban. Although both of them denied they had a misunderstanding when the issue was still hot, they have admitted during the interview that they really indeed had a rift but everything is already a part of the past now.

"Maganda yung pinalipas muna yong issue," Angelica said. They also revealed that their common friend Ketchup Eusebio paved the way for the meeting between them.

"I went to Angelica's house and we hugged each other and there, very thanful ako na ok na kami," explained Christine.

"It was as if walang nangyari, nakakatuwa na ayos na. basta ok na kami," said Angelica.

There are no indications however if Christine is going to return to "Banana Split".

Marian Rivera vs Carla Abellana in the Making?

When Carla Abellana was just starting in showbiz, many were saying that she will be the next Marian Rivera or even surpass the popularity Marian had. There were comparisons too and what was remarkable in the comparisons was Carla was an honor student in college while Marian isn't.

Another is Marian's attitude. She is known as "maldita" to the press and to her co-workers and even to some of her fans. It was even video taped when Marian's tantrum broke out during one of her tapings. Carla is know to be silent and behaved and goes well with her co-workers and fans.

But when the two celebrities come face-to-face in one showbiz event and interviewed by press, both said there is no competition going on between them.

But lately, a showbiz column reported Marian is doing otherwise. It reported that in one showbiz event where the two were both guests, Marian refused to share her dressing room with Carla because she wants the room exclusive for her.

Then in a taping of "Darna", Marian came late and when she arrived she was heard saying "dumating na ang reyna na walang bulaklak sa tenga" which reallyh stunned those who heard it. She was referring to Carla who always has a flower in her ear for her role in her top rating soap "Rosalinda".

Is Marian buying a war? Maybe not, it's just Marian doing her "maldita" way.

ABS-CBN Supports Wowowee Host Willie Revillame

ABS-CBN shows it's support for Wowowee host Willie Revillame in its letter to the KBP in response to the MTRCB and AFIMA's complaint against the host.

Below is the letter as published by PEP:

Dear Ms. Gozum:

We write in reply to your letter dated 10 August 2009, requesting ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation to comment on the complaint of Movie and Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB) Chairperson Ma. Consoliza P. Laguardia dated 10 August 2009, and an undated statement of Jerry Yap, President of the Alyansa ng Filipino Mamamahayag (AFIMA).

The said complaint and statement both refer to the 03 August 2009 episode of the television program Wowowee, wherein the funeral cortege of the late President Corazon C. Aquino was exhibited as an inset in portions of the said program. The MTRCB letter alleges that Mr. Revillame "appeared to arrogantly demand the removal of the inset screen showing the funeral cortege." The Honorable MTRCB Chairperson then opined that the said act was "desecrating the dead" and, thus, "seems to be in violation of Article 20, Section 2, of the Broadcast Code of the Philippines." On the other hand, the AFIMA statement states that "[f]or him to demand the removal of the little window screen showing the funeral march of the woman who got ABS-CBN back from Marcos is a blasphemy of democracy, an act despicable x x x." It appears, therefore, that the complaint and statement are both based on the alleged disrespect by Mr. Revillame to the late former President Aquino.

It is ABS-CBN's position that there was no disrespect of the dead by Mr. Revillame. When the funeral cortege of former President Aquino was shown as an inset during Wowowee, Mr. Revillame expressed his opinion of the inappropriateness of the simultaneous exhibition of both the funeral cortege and Wowowee, and his preference that only one or the other be shown.

In expressing his opinion and preference, though, Mr. Revillame did not show disrespect for former President Aquino. In fact, the contrary is true. In making his statements, Mr. Revillame wanted to give due respect to former President Aquino and her funeral cortege.

Indeed, in Filipino culture, customs, and tradition, ceremonies involving the dead are solemn and sober. Thus, the laughter, jokes, and happiness usually seen in a program like Wowowee would appear to be inappropriate when viewed together with the funeral cortege. On the one hand, the Filipino people are mourning the death of a loved and respected former President, and on the other hand, Wowowee is trying to entertain its audience.

It appears, therefore, that Mr. Revillame's issue was with the inappropriateness of Wowowee and the funeral cortege being shown together, and not with the funeral cortege itself. While it may be argued that Mr. Revillame could have expressed his thoughts in a better way and that it would have been better to raise them privately, instead of the public manner in which he did, such was not disrespectful of the dead and does not constitute an offense under the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.

We trust the foregoing comment satisfactorily establishes that there was no violation of the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.

Head, Channel 2

Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rosales: Love The Second Time Around?

KRISTINE HERMOSA and JERICHO ROSALES are once again teaming-up for a new telenovela titled "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" in ABS-CBN's primetime. It can be remembered that the dou had their first team-up in "Pangako Sa 'Yo" which literally catapulted their showbiz careers.

Not only their showbiz careers that blossomed during those days, but also their feelings towards each other. But when their drama series ended and had their own separate on-screen partners, their love died down and separated.

When asked about their past, Kristine admitted that Jericho hurt her the most, that is, what happened to their relationship really hurt Kristine and admitted Jericho is her first love.

But everything has been put behind them now. They can be seen joking with each other in the set, and has matured not only personally but also in their roles in the upcoming series wheer they will portray as lawyers.

Kristine says she has no boyfriend as of this moment but says there is someone, a non-showbiz guy, who loves her and makes her happy while Jericho says he is single right after his breakup with Heart Evangelista. With their status as both "single", will there be a love between them the second time around?