Cristine Reyes Got A Crush on Piolo Pascual

Cristine Reyes and Piolo Pascual are going to star in a prime time series in ABS-CBN titled "Nang Dahil sa Pag-ibig". They have been shooting some of the scenes of the series and everything is going fine. With their time together spent on the set, there are some observers who are saying that Cristine Reyes and Piolo Pascual are getting closer to each other.

But of course, Cristine and Piolo are not putting any color into it. It can be noted that Cristine is currently in romantic relationship with another actor while Piolo just have his relationship with KC Concepcion broken up.

But in another interview, Cristine Reyes admitted she is beginning to have a crush on Piolo. She said she cannot understand her feelings everytime she is doing a scene with the actor. People in the shooting also observes that Cristine is all around Piolo that even she have no scenes to be taken as long as Piolo is there. Another love controversy in the making?


  1. Nope just another publicity stunt just to sell their prime time series.

  2. I think its true we can't deny the truth that Piolo got looks so anyone would have a crush on him despite of the news that he is a gay.

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  3. But she has already a Rayver Cruz. Just a publicity, really.