Piolo Pascual - KC Concepcion Relationship is for Real

Piolo Pacual has admitted in an exclusive interview by The Buzz that he and KC Concepcion are already in a relationship since October 21, 2010. That revelation made the people in the studio shout to their lungs to show their support to the couple.

Piolo further said that the revelation he made cold serve as a warning to others that KC Concepcion is "already taken".

Willie Revillame Kisses Shalani Soledad (Finally)

Willie Revillame and Shalani Soledad had their fans in excitement during the birthday celebration of the former when Shalani attempted to kiss Willie, with Willlie's request of course. I said attempted only because when Shalani finally agreed to kiss Willie, Willie teased Shalani and moved his face away. In short, the kiss was not made in TV.

But for the die hard fans of Willie and Shalani Soledad, here is a picture of the two where they finally kissed during the birthday celebration of Willie off the camera.

The picture shown above is a picture taken by Philippine Entertainment Portal during the birthday party of Willie at the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La.