Enchong Dee and Jessy Mendiola Reunited in 'The Reunion'

After the breakup of the Enchong Dee - Erich Gonzales love team, Enchong is now groomed to be paired with beautiful actress Jessy Mendiola. Enchong and Jessy are going to be portray opposite with each other in the forthcoming movie "The Reunion".

This is not actually the first time where Enchong and Jessy are going to work together in a project. They have alredy worked as a love team in the series "Boystown", so the title of the movie seems to coincide with the reunion of the two celebrities.

“I'm happy na nagkasama ulit kami kasi nga it’s been a while since 'Boystown.' Naka-partner niya si Coco Martin, tapos naka-partner niya si Gerald (Anderson) and now we’re going back,” Enchong said.

Enchong also noticed that Jessy has improved a lot since their last project. This is due to the fact that Jessy has been working with various leading men and she has learned a lot from those projects.

Jessy Mendiola in the other hand, expressed her excitement for the project specially that she is again working with Enchong Dee.

"One of the boys ako doon, so dream come true na naman ang boyish role. Parang magkakabarkada kami at ako lang ang nag-iisang babae sa barkada namin, tapos may love angle," Mendiola said of her role.

Enchong and Jessy are going to work for the movie with actors Kean Cipriano, Enrique Gil and Xian Lim.

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