Andi Eigenmann Getting Hotter

Andi Eigenmann is very happy these days. As the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours". That's what happening to the projects and blessings for Andi in her career.

Andi finally appeared in "Agua Bendita" where she plays dual role of a good but freak girl and the beautiful and "maldita" kontrabida type of character. Many thought the show's rating would go down when Andi appeared but  its the opposite happened.

The ratings of Agua Bendita continued to rise and topple its rivals in primetime in the nationwide ratings. Aside from that, she also appeared in a heavy drama episode of "Maalaala Mo Kaya" which also drawn huge numbers in the ratings game.

Due to her success and new found fame, Andi Eigenmann is currently in talks with different products for her endorsements. Some projects have already approved bu Andi is still mum what product she is endorsing.

Out of the pool of Filipina actresses today, I would say Andi Eigenmann is the hottest and most sought talent.

ITCSales Quality Service

When I was looking for a new Dell laptop, there were a lot of online stores that I tried. But one thing that I didn't like was the way their sales representatives were acting. Some were taking me for granted maybe thinking that I am not an Englishman and the thought I don't have the means to buy their products.

There were some who don't know how to deal with customers. They were not polite enough to at least impress the customer and with that they can make a sale.

Then a friend told me to try ITCSales. According to him, ITCSales is the largest Dell laptop and computers dealer in the United Kingdom. I visited their website and you know what, I purchased a laptop in just minutes. Their online store is superb and my laptop was delivered on the very next day and I had no problem since the specifications in the internet was the same with what was delivered.

ITCSales is a great store and they also have great customer service. Thanks a lot.

Wealth Education And Wealth Creation

When you want to attain real wealth, you should know what are the steps you need to take. A lot has been fooled into purchasing something that they think could help them attain true wealth they are dreaming of.

It's been a rule of the thumb that you must know first "how" to do things before doing it. This rule is applicable even when you want to attain financial freedom. You must know first what are the steps to take before you go to the actual wealth creation activities.

Here enters wealth education. You need to take it first before anything else. There are a lot of venues where you can attain wealth education. You can have it in school. There are some schools which offer this course and a lot has been successful to it. Another venue is by taking apprentice courses to business establishments. There are some business establishments that allows you to work under their tutelage and in the process, you will learn their way of doing business.

The last and the most effective is by hiring the services of wealth advisors or consultants. Although the fee would be higher compared to the first two mentioned above, the rewards you will receive is a lot more satisfying.

After the wealth education, there starts wealth creation.