Michael Jackson Died Due To Cardiac Arrest

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest today. This has been reported by some news sources including CNN.

The Jackson family's attorney, Brian Oxman, said he was told by Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson that Michael collapsed in his home in West Los Angeles, California Thursday morning.

"I can only tell you that the family members are crying and I just have not been able to confirm anything, other than to hug them and tell them that I love them," Oxman told CNN.

He also said that family members who were told of Michael Jackson's death, were either at the hospital or en route at the moment.

Fire Captain Steve Ruda also confirmed a 911 call that came in from Los Angeles residence at 12:21 pm. He said Jackson was treated and tranferred to the UCLA Medical Center.

The security in the hospital is so tight that even hospital staffs are not permitted to go near the emergency room. A lot of people are gathering in the waiting are of the hospital and many of them are crying.

Even in Michael Jackson's home, people are blocked by motorcycle riding policemen in attempt to hold back traffic. But some people managed to go near and gathered outside.

Michael Jackson is supposed to perform a concert tour in the UK for a career comeback and reportedly sold more than 1 million tickets in just hours. This proves the charisma of the King of Pop even after a long absence for the music scene.


  1. so sad... condolence to the bereaved family... i love his music

  2. No matter what other people say, Michael made his mark in Music and no one can deny that. He rocked the world with his phenomenal Thriller album.

    Rest In Peace Michael.