Katrina Halili To Revive Angela Markado

Katrina Halili has been eyed by GMA-7 bigwigs for the TV remake of '80's movie hit "Angela Markado". The said film was a box office hit in its time and was directed by premiere director Lino Brocka and written by no other than Carlo J. Caparas.

The plot of the new tv show is that Angela Delmar works as a waitress for one of the seedy bars in Manila. There she meets five patrons of the bar, who also turn out to be a gang specializing in drugging and raping girls and later on selling them to prostitution.

Angela is the only one tending to her mother, a laundrywoman who stopped working due to tuberculosis. One night, she gets kidnapped, raped, and kept for five days by the five men. The men tattoo their names on the back of Angela, before selling her to a brothel.

Angela escapes, and is taken in by a kindly hostess. However, upon returning to her home, she discovers her mother has died, her best friend has also been raped by the same five men and later on committed suicide. From then on, she makes it her life's mission to kill the five men by wearing wigs and costumes, and stalking the men with a handy switchblade.

It would be a perfect role for Katrina due to the controversies she is undergoing at the moment, as some observers commented.

The said show was first considered to Sunshine Dizon but then later Katrina's name came out as her replacement.

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