Hayden Kho's Celebrity "Victims"

Hayden Kho's sex video "victims" do not limit to Katrina Halili. Although Katrina is the only celebrity who has the courage to come up in the open and talked about it.

This was revealed by Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. in his privilege speech recently in the senate. Sen. Revilla however didn't mentioned the names of other celebrities involved in the sex video scandal of Dr. Hayden Kho.

One of the rumored celebrities is Maricar Reyes, an ABS-CBN talent who admitted she had an affair with Hayden back in University of Santo Tomas when they were still medical students in the said school.

"We dated for a year. I was committed to him but we're not compatible. We grew apart... I cant remember the details anymore, it's been a long time," Maricar said in an interview.

Maricar Reyes is currently included in the cast of the Kapamilya network's afternoon soap "Precious Hearts Romances Present Bud Brothers" and she has not issued an official statement about the alleged sex video with Hayden.

Another rumored celebrity allegedly in Hayden's sex videos is Ruffa Mae Quinto. She has been linked to the videos since December 2008 by Lolit Solis who claimed she saw the videos but Ruffa Mae kept her silence in the issue.

Then there's Bea Alonzo, another ABS-CBN talent, although she merely "laughed at" the notion that she is one of Hayden's "victims".

"Actually, what people had been telling me is that, it's not an actual sex video. It was me daw changing clothes in some sort of a dressing room," Bea said in an interview.

“Actually I thought it was really funny. At first, I was like, ‘Did you buy your copies already? I’m supposed to be in there.’”

Alonzo said she first heard of the news from ABS- CBN director Lauren Dyogi. “He said he heard it from some of (ABS- CBN) production people.”

Then as earlier reported, there's KC Concepcion who is said to be video taped via mobile phone changing her clothes. (click here to read KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho report)

Vicki Belo however is the only celebrity who admitted giving consent to Hayden to take a video in one of their sexual encounters. "I was aware, he asked me and I consented on the condition that it will be deleted immediately after," Vicki told reporters in an interview.

Vicki and Hayden parted ways when Vicki reportedly saw videos of Hayden having sex with other women.

Due to the number of celebrities allegedly involved in Hayden's sex video scandal, the DVD is selling like hot cakes not only in the Philippines but also in other countries.

In Malaysia, pirated DVD sellers are cashing in the the videos and they titled it "The Philippines Version of Edison Chen" and even made an artwork for the DVD showing superimposed nude pictures of Katrina and Hayden.

"I sold 30 DVD's a day last month. People do not mind buying it even though it is priced higher than the usual pornographic DVD's," an anonymous retailer said in an interview.

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  1. kita ko ang maricar reyes / hayden kho video. question is... bakit dehins nagahit si maricar ang kapal ng bulbol