Arnel Pineda Featured in Oprah Winfrey Show

Arnel Pineda is featured in Oprah Winfrey Show with the theme "Don't Stop Believing". The theme really fitted Arnel in the show.

Before being a successful Journey lead vocalist, He lived a hard life in the Philippines. He had to make a living by himself when his mother died.

"I would hang out with my friends, so they would make me sing in exchange for food," Arnel said. Worse, he became homeless and slept in Manila's parks and collected scrap metal to earn money for food.

Arnel learned to sing and had a style so unorthodox that caught the attention of Neil Scholn of the famous rock band Journey. That was the beginning of Arnel Pineda's ascend to stardom and the rest is history.

Watch Arnel Pineda in Oprah in YouTube:

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