Is Rhian Ramos Falling For Dingdong Dantes?

During the presscon of "Stairway To Heaven", Rhian Ramos kept on saying that she will never fall to a man whose love is already owned by other woman. That was her statement when asked if there will be a chance that she will fall in love with her leading man, who happens to be Dingdong Dantes.

But when the taping of their soap opera started, it seems Rhian has forgotten what she said during the presscon. She is now saying all positive for Dingdong and one tabloid even reported that Rhian admitted that Dingdong has something that make Rhian feels Dingdong is special.

During the guesting of Rhian in "Show Me Da Manny" of Manny Pacquiao and Marian Rivera, who happens to be the real-life girlfriend of Dingdong, some observed Rhian and Marian were not comfortable with each other. That they only said "hi" with each other when they met in the dressing room.

But Rhian was quick to say that there's nothing wrong going on in between her and Marian.

"Hindi kami close at hindi rin po kami magkaaway, kaya di kami gaanong nag-uusap noong mag-guest ako sa 'Show Me Da Manny'," Rhian clarified.

But Rhian was also quick to admit that she likes Dingdong for his height and his dedication to his work.


  1. dingdong and rhian ramos are gud 2getda.dingdong is jst too gud for rhian ramos and eveeryone want him to go out wif her and not marian rivera cos she's alwaiis jealous and been a bitch to rhian ramos.I love to see wen the two of them are together on a movie jst like 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN'.it was such a beautiful movie and youz!!!!<3<3<3

  2. Anonymous,

    In your dreams - puede mong illusion si DD at Rhian but not for real. Sorry to sayd DD is so good but Rhia is not too good for him.