Filipinos Pacquiao - Vera Headlines Nov. 14 Mega Fights

Come November 14, 2009, two Filipinos will headline two major sports events in the world. Manny Pacquiao is pitted against Miguel Cotto in this year's greatest boxing bout for the WBO Welterweight (147 lbs) title. On the other hand, Brandon "The Truth" Vera will headline UFC 105 in England against UFC great Randy Couture.

For those who doesn't know Brandon Vera, he is a Filipino-American campaigning in the UFC. His father is a Filipino and his mother is an Italian-American. He has been fighting in the UFC early 2000 and made a remarkable career. He has also visited the Philippines and even portrayed as an assassin in "Kamandag" in GMA-7.

Randy Couture is a prominent name in the UFC and this fight will mean a lot for Brandon Vera. Brandon has somewhat a luckluster return to the UFC winning only 2 of his last five fights. But nevertheless, this main event for the UFC will be a big event for the fight fans in England.

UFC and boxing has been in a "cold war" these days. Some observers even say that UFC has already surpassed boxing. UFC always schedule a UFC event everytime there's a boxing event and many of those boxing events were in a lopsided loss against the UFC.

This time, on November 14, two blockbuster events in boxing and UFC are once again pitted against each other. But no matter which is more successful, we can be proud to say that two great Filipinos in the field of sports, Manny Pacquiao and Brandon "The Truth" Vera, had made those events possible.

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