Marian Rivera vs Carla Abellana in the Making?

When Carla Abellana was just starting in showbiz, many were saying that she will be the next Marian Rivera or even surpass the popularity Marian had. There were comparisons too and what was remarkable in the comparisons was Carla was an honor student in college while Marian isn't.

Another is Marian's attitude. She is known as "maldita" to the press and to her co-workers and even to some of her fans. It was even video taped when Marian's tantrum broke out during one of her tapings. Carla is know to be silent and behaved and goes well with her co-workers and fans.

But when the two celebrities come face-to-face in one showbiz event and interviewed by press, both said there is no competition going on between them.

But lately, a showbiz column reported Marian is doing otherwise. It reported that in one showbiz event where the two were both guests, Marian refused to share her dressing room with Carla because she wants the room exclusive for her.

Then in a taping of "Darna", Marian came late and when she arrived she was heard saying "dumating na ang reyna na walang bulaklak sa tenga" which reallyh stunned those who heard it. She was referring to Carla who always has a flower in her ear for her role in her top rating soap "Rosalinda".

Is Marian buying a war? Maybe not, it's just Marian doing her "maldita" way.

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