Dingdong Dantes as Zuma

Dingdong Dantes is said to portray the role of Zuma, the comics character created by Jim Fernandez in the 70's.

Zuma is a monster character with a two headed snake that rests on his shoulder. Zuma first appeared in comic series Aztec and later on gained it's popularity with the series "Anak Ni Zuma" in Aliwan Komiks.

It had a prequel "Angkan Ni Zuma" which chronicles Zuma's adventures inancient times. Then his future descendant "Zuma-Maria" and then it had it's own comic book series (although short-lived) titled Zuma Komiks.

Zuma's character has been also into films twice, the original "Zuma" and the sequel "Anak Ni Zuma". Both movies were topbilled by actor Max Laurel.

This remake of "Zuma" will introduce this comics character to the new generation. So far, most comics characters made into films today are those characters created by Carlo J. Caparas, himself, a comics writer legend.

Actor/producer Carlo Maceda will produce the movie. He already talked with Dingdong and Dingdong is said to be interested in the project. They are planning to release "Zuma" within this year.

This movie will temporarily separate Dingdong from his perennial on-screen partner Marian Rivera, who is said to be his real-life girlfriend. Almost all movies/TV shows of Dingdong are with Marian as his leading lady.


  1. wag naman si dingdong!!!!! wag siraen ang magandang pinoy creation eto with bad casting, bad vfx, and a lame telenovela story, na pinapahaba lng para sa advertisement....wag gawing bakya ang mga pinoy classics!!!!!!! madame remake na panget nakakahiya!!!!!!

  2. Dapat si Asi Taulava or Alex Crisano ang gumanap na Zuma

  3. Hnd ata bagay kay dingdong ang Role na Zuma..,mas bagay ang role kay Derick Ramsey..at oo wag pang telenovela kung e remake man dapt sa pang Movies nah..maganda e remake at bigyan buhay ulit ang ZUMA

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    1. Primetime actor/Kapuso star to portray as the snake warrior Zuma hero/villain of Jim Fernandez stories.Thanks! From:Wayne

  5. Zuma is still my hero of all time a comicbook legend/icon created by Jim Fernandez comicbook serialized in Aliwan Comics of the 1970's and became popular novels and a live action film in 1984 film Zuma and 1986 Anak ni Zuma and a new teleserye for 2013 premieres on 9-16-2013 starring Andi Eigenmann as the snake princess in Galema:Anak ni Zuma is coming to ABS-CBN network
    and the Filipino Channel soon.From:Wayne

  6. He is awesome and he is handsome than Mightor and He-Man combined fellow snake fans Darna's cousin Valentina and Medusa snake witch enemy of Perseus Kamandag(Cobra-Man) by Carlo J Caparas and snake world supports the hero of Aztec/Mexico and Jim Fernandez story .Thanks!!!from:Wayne!!