Marian Rivera's Marimar Conquers China

Marian Rivera has once again proven her marketability. The show that catapulted her career into stardom is soon to be shown in Chinese televisions. This means that Marian is to be watched by more or less than one billion households in China with "Marimar".

A Chinese television network has reportedly bought the exclusive rights of airing "Marimar" in China with their TV station there in China. "Marimar" is to be dubbed in Chinese language Mandarin, just like what we are doing here with Korean and Mexican telenovelas wherein they are dubbed into Tagalog.

Marian Rivera is excited about this development since she will be expanding her fan base and surely, with her beauty and acting prowess, she will soon captivate the hearts of the Chinese audience.

Marian is joined by her real life boyfriend and long time love team partner Dingdong Dantes.

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