Soaps Are Becoming Annoying To Me

When you turn on your TV, you will be bombarded with soap operas from here and there. All TV stations have their own recipes of soap operas in the primetime. Worse, there's a station that is fond of airing foreign soaps and I just can't take that the characters are wearing the traditional costumes of the country where the soap was made.

I can't just feel any local touch to the soap and I really hate it. But when they started to fool the viewers, they always tell "The number 1 show in the Philippines". BS!

Even in the UK, some viewers are starting to be annoyed with their own soaps. Hot Gossip tells us so. You can navigate through that site and you'll see what I mean.

Writers, directors and the like should look for new ideas to appease the viewers and not just get eh advertisers money with their mediocre shows.

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