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I was literally laughing my ass out as Jim Carrey was doing what he does best. He was having a spoof on Jay Leno in his "The Tonight Show". Jim is really hilarious when it comes to spoofing celebrities and the "victim" in this video is Leno.

Then there was this cute innocent little girl who was running scared of something. And what was she afraid of? To her own shadow! You need to see this funny video by yourself and you'll surely enjoy.

Oh by the way, all of those videos I stated above are from the funny movies of There are a lot of colletion of real funny videos that will surely make laugh. The name of the site alone is a spoof of the popular video cite YouTube as they call it YouCrazyTube!

You should see those videos by yourself and below is thelink of the Jim Carrey hilarious video I mentioned above. Enjoy!

Jim Carrey as Jay Leno

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