The Radiology Technician

A new course in college has been offered by a university in our place. The course's title is "Radiology Technician". At first, I was reluctant in enrolling my son in the said course as I have no prior knowledge as what that course is. I tried to inquire in the school but I was having second thoughts since I was thinking the information they gave me was biased just to entice my in enrolling my son in their school.

I then searched the internet for more and unbiased information about Radiology technician. Then I reached the site "The Radiology technician". The site features all the information I need about the course. It clearly defines it, the accredited schools, requirements, employment and all other information you need about the course.

What I like most is the feature on the employment and expected salary of the successful candidates after their graduation. Although we are in the Philippines, there are a lot of oppurtunities for this course in the United States. So thanks to the Radiology technician website, I already enrolled my son in college.

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  1. If you’re looking for a good paying, fast-track career with high job security, then perhaps a career as a radiology technician is for you. What can you expect to see job wise, education wise and salary wise as a radiology technician?