The Djembe Drum

If you hear the music of Paul Simon, Ben Harper or Peter Gabriel, there will be a common sound you'll hear in the background - the sound of the Djembe Drum. This is one of the many popular African instruments that are used by many artists around the globe.

The Djembe's sound is so unique as it is skin-covered and played with bare hands. These instruments set footed to America by the African-Americans who are trying to preserve their musical traditions. Many American musicians then integrated Djembe drums into their music that even later branded by some as "Afro Noise".

The charm of the Djembe drums even reached Europe when British bans Whitehouse experimented with Djembes and used it in their last three albums. If you want to learn more about Djembe Drums, you can visit as they specializes and also sells Djembe Drums.

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