Dr. Vicki Belo Says 'Sorry' To Boy Abunda

Dra. Vicki Belo has finally apologized to Boy Abunda through text message yesterday. This developed after Boy Abunda released his official statement thru SNN in reaction to the remarks of Dra. Belo during her guesting in Showbiz Central.

"I'd just like to apologize for the statement I made in Showbiz Central. I'm really sorry that I offended you. Hope you accept my apology," Dra. Belo said in her text message which was shown by Boy Abunda in his showbiz talk show SNN.

It can be remembered that Dra. Belo uttered the words “All I’d like to say is, if you want to look like Boy Abunda , go to Calayan, But if you want to look like Dingdong Dantes and Piolo Pascual, come to Belo." which reportedly hurt Boy Abunda.

A lot of friends of Boy came to his defense like Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Mariel Rodriguez and even Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan who issued an official statement in behalf of their clinic supporting Boy.

Ruffa Gutierrez meanwhile, who is an endorser of Belo Clinic and co-host of Boy Abunda in "The Buzz", maintains her neutrality and hopes everything will be patched-up soon between them.

Now that Dra. Belo apologizes, a lot of showbiz people are still waiting for the reaction of Boy Abunda on the "apology" issue. One writer says that the apology through text may have added an insult to the injury since he doesn't see any sincerity in Dra. Belo's "texted" apology.

Some also say that maybe Boy has already accepted Dra. Belo's apology due to his facial expression upon reading the text message but others say otherwise.

Some Dra. Vicki Belo's friends however say Dra. Belo has nothing against Boy Abunda. During the interview, she said she had no intention to insult Boy. What she said (during the interview) just came to her mind spontaneously when asked by Mo Twister about the competition between her clinic and the Calayan's.

If she had just explained her side clearly, the rift between her and Boy didn't escalated this far. A lot of their common friends however are hoping Boy Abunda is going to accept Dra. Vicky Belo's apology.

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  1. hay naku buti na lang maganda at seksi ako, di ko na kailangan pang pumunta sa mga clinic nila at naisama na naman sana ako sa kontrobersyang ito hihihi